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Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough…

The things we do for our clients! At K2L we like to take a hands-on approach in everything we do, so when GM Active organised the Urban Revolution Obstacle Course for November 11th, we couldn’t resist entering a team of our own all-stars.

Big boss Scott was joined by designer Rob and smashing it for the girls, Account Manager Sam – who already got a taste for the obstacles at the preview event in Salford Quays back in September.

Which makes us ask… why, after already seeing some of the challenges up close, did we think it was a good idea to run the 10K obstacle course up to our necks in mud??

K2L at Urban Revolution - Before

It wasn’t even on the radar when we started working on the marketing for this event, but it’s typical of the have-a-go attitude of team K2L, who are never ones to shy away from a challenge!

So once day job was complete, supplying GM Active with the materials and online coverage they needed to make the event a success, we stepped into our waterproofs and K2L-orange running shirts, and took our place on the start line ready for the real hard work to begin.

The guys all said they really enjoyed it. Even though Rob’s screams, when he jumped in the freezing muddy water, could be heard at the starting line. Even though Scott, without knowing, volunteered to give Sam a push over most of the walls. Even though Sam lost her shoes, and dignity, in the mud run. It was a fun and eventful afternoon. Celebrated with a nice hot shower and bru at the end.

Congratulations (and astonishment) go to Craig Brighton who finished the 10K in an impressive 37:02, more than three minutes ahead of his nearest competition.

K2L at Urban Revolution - After

We were (ahem) close behind, and in true K2L teamwork style, our intrepid trio crossed the line within two seconds of each other, with the boys recording times of 1:57:38-39.

And a special shout-out has to go to Sam who technically beat them both, recording a time of 1:57:37 to finish top of the female 19-24 category – well done Sam!

We’re delighted that nearly 200 competitors completed the 10K and nearly 400 ran the shorter 5K course – making the day a fantastic success, fun for all who took part, and a great hands-on way for the K2L team to help promote the importance of physical fitness across Greater Manchester.

When’s the next race?…