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What we learnt at brightonSEO

brightonSEO is the world’s largest gathering of search marketers. What started as a small meet up in a room above a pub is now a world-renowned event, selling over 6,000 tickets and gathering people from across the globe to expand their knowledge of digital marketing.

Last Thursday, the K2L team headed down to the latest brightonSEO Conference to listen to a series of talks about all things Search Engine Optimisation. Here’s everything we learnt:


Writing Website Content

Freelance Website Copy & SEO Writer, Alice Rowan, outlined a brisk 12-step process for website copy, delving into the essential elements that can turn a vague idea into a compelling website.

  • Information Gathering: Dive deep into your research. Look for copy examples that you love, and the ones that don’t.
  • Sitemap Essentials: When laying out your sitemap, always circle back to one question: “What critical info do users need to hit those conversion goals?”
  • Clarity over Complexity: Remember, users scan for relevant info. Keep your content free from jargon and laser-focused on what truly matters to your audience
  • Inclusive & Accessible Web: Everyone deserves fair access. Opt for high contrast colours, utilise alt text, and keep formatting clear. Always use inclusive language to ensure your content is welcoming to all.

Conversion for SaaS Companies

Chima Mmeje, a Senior Content Marketer at Moz, took the stage to provide a fresh perspective on conversion strategies for SaaS companies. Leveraging a unique “teardown” format, Chima explored the nuances of sales enablement and conversion keywords that guarantee content success.

  • Pricing Pages: Pricing pages are navigational, so make sure to guide potential customers smoothly through the process.
  • Immediate Value: Showcase the immediate benefits and results users can expect from your product or service.
  • Social Proof is King: Highlight customer reviews, focusing on their challenges before using your product and the transformation afterwards.
  • Address the Pain Points: Offer solutions that directly tackle the issues your potential clients face, positioning your product as the go-to remedy.


When it comes to SEO, Pascalle Bergmans from PresenTales made it clear: words matter – a lot. In her insightful talk, she delved into the heart of storytelling, sharing why getting it right can totally boost your site’s performance.

  • Embark on a Journey: Your content should guide readers from start to finish, making them part of the narrative.
  • Emotional Urgency: Connect with emotions to drive decisions. When users feel, they act.
  • Problem and Solution: Clearly lay out challenges and then, naturally, present your solution.
  • Showcase Results: Round off with real, tangible outcomes that users can expect.


Jack Roberts from Omio showcased a game-changing approach at brightonSEO. He shared the magic behind how Omio scaled to three million pages across 30 domains, all by leveraging the power of the open-source tool RosaeNLG.

  • Power of Open-Source: Generate vast amounts of content without breaking the bank.
  • Shifting Strategy: Omio transitioned from content-led to product-led, refining their approach.
  • Three-Phase Process: Start by identifying opportunities, explore the best solutions, then roll them out effectively.


Sharing Data

Thierry Ngutugere from Salt Agency made it clear: in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, gut feelings just won’t cut it. His session emphasised the need to blend data-driven insights with strategic teamwork

  • Harness Multi-Sourced Data: Lean on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to get a comprehensive view of your audience.
  • Empower Through Data: Use data not just to inform, but also to anticipate shifts like seasonal trends.
  • Break Down Silos: Foster communication and data-sharing across teams to ensure a unified approach.
  • Map the Journey: By utilising cross-channel data, one can get a clearer understanding of the customer’s journey, from awareness to conversion.

A Google Search Update with John Mueller

Billie Geena from Uptake Agency and John Mueller, the guy who knows all the Google Search secrets, had a pretty interesting talk and Q&A session.

While John kept tight-lipped about what’s coming next for Google (no spoilers from him!), he did give us some solid advice during the Q&A. Focus on quality content rather than pumping out tons of pages, and always write with real people in mind. On the Digital PR front, John’s advice was clear: keep it genuine and reach out to credible news sources rather than utilising spammy backlink tactics. Also, it seems Google is aiming for more transparency and better communication with the SEO community. Good news for all of us in the biz!