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5 Tips To Better Branding

As a creative marketing agency, we offer branding as one of our services, and it’s something that a lot of clients come to us for. Branding is super important for a company; it delivers the brand’s message clearly, confirms them as a credible company, connects to their target audience, motivates the audience and creates an overall feel and aesthetic for the company. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to branding, so here’s our top 5 tips:

1.Keep It Simple
Keep names and strap lines short. Keep everything simple and consistent for use across every means of communication, this will ensure future recognition and association.

2. Think About Different Media
Make sure to think about the use of your branding across different media, such as print, web, social media, and email. Make sure branding, such as the logo size, colour, font, and positioning is readable across all media.

3. Keep Branding Consistent
Keep branding consistent across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Your pages on these websites need to be consistent so that your company is clearly identifiable. A good idea might be to use the company logo as the profile picture, and then a cover photo that uses the correct branding, e.g. colours from the logo and your company’s strap-line, or some images. Some platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow you to upload a cover photo, this doesn’t necessarily need to be the exact same, as each platform gives you different dimensions and space to use.

4. Think About Colours
Consider colours carefully when it comes to your branding, different colours convey different meanings. For example, red connotes danger, heat and passion. Blue implies calmness, professionalism, peace and loyalty, which is why it’s used in so many corporate logos. There’s a lot to know about the psychology behind colours, here’s a simple and helpful article about choosing colour schemes http://www.creativebloq.com/logo-design/choose-colours-8133973.

5. Quiz Yourself
Ask yourself questions about your branding, is it simple? Memorable? Timeless? Versatile? Appropriate? Keep asking these questions from the initial concept, right up until the end product. It’ll help you to make the changes that you need to, and make sure that the branding is the best it can be.

If you need any more advice on branding, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website www.k2l.co.uk or call 0161 848 9008.