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Google’s Clampdown On Low Quality Exact-Match Sites

It’s about to get tougher at the top.

Matt Cutts – head of Google’s spam-fighting team recently tweeted that, the web giant will be rolling out a “small” algorithm change that aims to kick low quality ‘exact-match’ sites out of the high ranking search results.

What do these changes mean in the world of SEO?

To clarify, an example of an exact match domain would be a scrap car company based in Manchester with the domain name as However It is only the lower quality sites (i.e. those that are poorly presented and with pages lacking in useful information) that will be hit by the clampdown.

The idea is that to earn a higher search rank, a site can no longer rely on exact matches alone. They need to also have great content, and without this their site will be dropped.

So what’s our verdict? We say change is good! This is good news for web users and for our clients, as the top ranking search results will now lead to higher quality sites.

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