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How To Earn Higher Rankings Without Content Marketing

After the recent changes to Google’s algorithm, many people believe the only way to increase your search ranking is by content marketing. This is simply not true.

Creating interesting and relevant content does play a big part in SEO now however it is such a broad topic it cannot be condensed down into just a few methods. There are hundreds of unique ways in which your website can earn higher rankings and here a just are few.

Improve The Crawl Friendliness Of Your Pages
Making sure the pages on your website are well structured, aesthetically pleasing and provide value to your users is vital in SEO. Having inconsistencies in your site may have a negative effect on your rankings. In addition to this you can also look into making your navigation model as clean as possible to make your site more indexable. For example if one page is linking to 6 other pages – that’s fine; but if you have one page linking to another page and then that page linking to another and so on this makes getting to deep pages very difficult. Along with improving the rankings this will also increase your web traffic.

Page Speed
Quite a simple one but making your pages faster does have an effect on rankings, so try and keep the data size of each page down. Users will be much happier using your website which will reduce your bounce rate and “pogo-sticking” activity, meaning you have a better chance of converting or getting your message across to customers.

Customers Sharing Their Experience
This is an interesting one because instead of going out and getting links, this method attracts links with shares, traffic, endorsements and partnerships etc. What you want from your customers is for them to tell others about their experience with you whether it was buying a product from you or using your services. Try to promote the fact that you’d be very grateful if they could like, share or tweet about your company. These social signals will all have a positive effect on your website rankings.

Classic Link Building
Classic link building is still very much alive! Many people believe that this technique is outdated however they couldn’t be more wrong. Classic competitive link building is just as valuable as it’s ever been. Use your desired link building tool (we like to use Open Site Explorer) and get started! Try to think outside the box and get links from a diverse group of places. Keep in mind ‘Quality not Quantity’, it’s much better to have 1 quality link rather than 100 poor links.

Above are just a few methods you could use alongside content marketing to improve your search rankings. Remember; use a wide variety of techniques to get the best results!

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