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The Red Devilution

Dr Marwan Koukash became owner of Salford City Reds with a dream of resurrecting the team. The challenge was to get more fans interested in attending matches and to engage the community in the return of the Salford Red Devils.

The Red Devilution was born. A campaign that captured the spirit of what Dr Koukash was trying to achieve, giving the fans something they could really get behind and feel a part of. Star players were ‘devilised’ following a photoshoot to symbolise the resurrection of the Red Devils name, and they were placed front and centre of the marketing.

The campaign was aimed squarely at the fans, the key was to make them feel passionate about their local team and give them a sense of pride and belonging to something new and exciting.

It was the Dawn of a New Era as they were asked to join The Red Devilution. This formed the backdrop for the season launch and unveiling, followed by an integrated promotional campaign that included traditional print (match-day programmes, posters, leaflets etc) as well as a digital campaign that included social media, email marketing, paid search and online PR.

The campaign saw the club make record season ticket sales, match attendances, club shop merchandise sales and an engaged and passionate community who got their team back.

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Return on Investment


Increased Season Ticket Sales


Increase in Merchandise Sales


Increase in Sessions
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