Corioliss | K2L Marketing


An innovative hair care brand that provides professional grade styling tools, Corioliss were looking to break into the UK market by raising brand awareness and streamlining their customer journey.  

K2L were tasked with re-designing Corioliss’s product pages to improve conversion rate optimisation (CRO), assisting with influencer marketing, and refreshing web copy for localisation. K2L implemented a comprehensive CRO strategy to enhance Corioliss's online presence and engage with their target audience effectively. K2L created a user-friendly product page design that simplified the customer journey, improving the user experience. 
As part of the influencer marketing strategy, K2L collaborated with a diverse range of influential individuals in the beauty industry who aligned with Corioliss's brand values and target audience. We worked closely with the influencers to create engaging and visually appealing Instagram content that showcased Corioliss's styling tools in action. Through this strategic influencer marketing campaign, Corioliss was able to tap into the influencers' dedicated fan bases, exposing their brand and products to a wider audience. The authentic endorsements and positive reviews from trusted influencers helped build credibility and trust in Corioliss's offerings, ultimately driving traffic to the website and boosting conversion rates.