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OYL – Own Your Life Nutriton

From the under the Tuscan sun, grew OYL, olive oil with a nutritional twist. Our client harbours a passion for mother nature, blending marine algae rich in Omega-3 with oil from olives grown and pressed on their organic farm in Tuscany. This Oil boasts of benefits beyond the everyday vitamin tablet. With a shot a day, it can enhance health and wellbeing, helping everyone take responsibility for their life.

With the aim to boost the humble olive to super-food status we set about creating a brand worthy of its product.

OYL Nutrition, or Own Your Life Nutrition reflects the vibrant potential of the oil and it’s consumer. With simplicity at it’s roots in the core ident of the brand, with organic and natural shapes branching out its wider identity. It is both bold and subtle, and offers a visual that appeals to the health conscious, the athlete and the ageing alike. The bright green of the olive oil is reflected in the brand colours, and is married to the depths of the ocean with a dark teal.

This clean brand was then applied to packaging, designed to catch anyones eye in a store or stealing glances as they’re taken out of gym bags, office drawers, and bathroom cupboards. The brand packs a punchy personality to really educate people on the powerful oil via a website and informational brochures. Helping people to grab life by the olives and own their lives.