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Gloh – Everyday Radiance

Born from a desire to enhance natural beauty, our client created an innovative, pure and easy-to-use digestible skincare product, with the promise to leave your skin more radiant.

With big ambition, but no name, we got to create the entire brand and positioning. A brand which encapsulated the vision of the company and embodied the product promise… natural, radiant skin.

Gloh is a brand that reflects the simplicity of its products, with all natural ingredients, delighting and surprising the consumer when they see the results. Those ‘Oh!’ Moments when you see your skin glowing. Used as part of a daily skincare routine, Gloh produces radiant skin with daily results. Or, Everyday Radiance.

An elegant brand identity, with a clean and flawless style, was then rolled out across packaging, crafted to look great on the shelf in store, as well as the dresser at home, providing stand out against competitors in an overcrowded industry. With brand elements to clearly show the unique properties of Gloh, we built a brand to launch its product range as a refreshing alternative that works.

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