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Crush, a new player in the protein powder scene, teamed up with K2L to shape up their brand. They needed a fresh look for their protein powders, including eye-catching packaging and collateral. Our mission was to give Crush a standout identity in the market. 

In response to Crush's vision, we introduced the strapline 'Find Your Edge,' encapsulating the brand's essence and encouraging consumers to explore their strengths. Our design approach focused on dynamic and energetic elements, creating a robust visual identity that would set Crush apart in the competitive protein 
supplement landscape.

Inspired by the strapline 'Find Your Edge,' we used vibrant colours and bold typography to create eye-catching packaging that stands out on shelves. Collateral materials echoed this bold branding, contributing to a cohesive and impactful brand narrative.


Up & Coming Brand


Fantastic Flavours


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