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Futsal SCL Arena

K2L helped launched the concept for Futsal SCL Arena. The primary objective was to promote the dedicated futsal facility and create awareness in Salford.

Taking inspiration from the city of Rio De Janeiro, we helped launch a concept that captured the lively essence of this iconic city. Our design approach seamlessly combined Latin heritage with a modern twist, drawing parallels with the energetic and diverse street culture of Salford. This blending of traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics resulted in a dynamic brand identity.
The strategic creative and brand rollout for Ordsall Leisure Centre's Futsal arena, the first in Salford, marked a significant milestone. The outcome positioned the arena not only as a vibrant hub for sports enthusiasts but also as a community-centric space, promoting the concept of sport for all. The positioning reinforced the arena's status as a dynamic and welcoming centre for the local community, providing a dedicated space for futsal.


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