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Salford Red Devils – Reds Rise Together

The 'Reds Rise Together' campaign is an innovative, first-in-history initiative designed to give fans, businesses, and the wider community an opportunity to invest in the local Rugby League club, the Salford Red Devils. In an effort to bridge the gap between the team and its supporters, the initiative enables investors to buy shares in the club, granting them a host of benefits including voting rights, eligibility for club elections, and exclusive offers.

As the guiding force behind this campaign, K2L collaborated with the Reds to create and launch the 'Reds Rise Together' concept. K2L's strategic approach involved the creation of captivating creative assets and marketing collateral that would resonate with the local community. In addition, the agency took charge of photography and the direction of social media efforts, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging digital presence that effectively communicated the campaign's goals and benefits to potential investors.

The results of our strategic involvement were impressively positive. The initial goal of the campaign was to raise £250,000. In just a few weeks, businesses and fans pledged more than £250,000 in support of their beloved club. The success of the campaign not only testifies to the Salford community's passion for the Red Devils but also underlines K2L's proficiency in executing effective marketing campaigns that foster community engagement and generate tangible results.


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