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Soulmate Life – Smart Food, Active Lives

Soulmate Life deliver health smart food to your door. Taking the prep out of meal prep, the team of chefs prepare your food for you according to your plan, delivery included. Soulmate Life wanted a new website and accompanying digital strategy to supercharge sales and grow new business opportunities.

With health, variety and enjoyment being at the heart of the Soulmate Life offering, it was important to portray the colourful palate and let the health and feel-good benefits shine. The new site needed to reach the health-conscious foodies by demonstrating the commitments to both.

We set out to create a style centralised around the Soulmate Life logo. Bright food, plates and text sits above harsh, dark textures throughout, creating a modern, bold, and striking site. Using this style for the digital campaign assets would ensure the graphics would stand out on social media, maximising on impact and brand growth.

The juxtaposition of the clean shapes, fonts and colours and the dark undertones works well to contrasts clean eating and hard exercise whilst focusing on the food. Soulmate Life love food, their passion and desire for everyone to enjoy clean food was overwhelming. We wanted this to translate into the new site designs and across the digital campaign.

The new designs and campaigns were implemented and received well by Soulmate Life customers new and old. The changes made by K2L pulled focus towards the wide range of meals and plans (allowing a bespoke service), suited for foodies and clean eaters alike.


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